Sentence Examples

  • That's why they visit birthplaces, places of monumental happenings like battlefields or sites of great tragedies— to absorb a tiny bit of what happened there.
  • The destinies of Italy were decided in the cabinets and on the battlefields of northern Europe.
  • Organization and tactics did not affect the issue directly, for the conduct of the men and their junior officers gave abundant proof that in the hands of a competent leader the " linear " principle of delivering one shattering blow would have proved superior to that of a gradual attrition of the enemy here, as on the battlefields of the Peninsula and at Waterloo, and this in spite of other defects in the training of the Prussian infantry which simultaneously caused its defeat on the neighbouring field of Auerstadt.
  • Corps, away to the south-westward, for support, he determined Metz Battlefields (Western) ' 'Scale.
  • The 38th brigade began its advance on the north-west corner of the Tronville copses, this direction taking them diagonally across the front Metz Battlefields (Eastern) Scale.