Sentence Examples

  • By being struck by barrows, by falling over packages, &c., on station platforms .
  • Barrows of the Saxon period are numerous in Wirksworth hundred and the Bakewell district, among the most remarkable being White-low near Winster and Bower's-low near Tissington.
  • Barrows, Ezra Abbot (Cambridge, Mass., 1884).
  • The most remarkable consist of long avenues of menhirs or standing stones; but there is also a profusion of other erections, such as dolmens and barrows, throughout the whole district.
  • C. Lukis, Guide to the Principal Chambered Barrows and other Prehistoric Monuments in the Islands of the Morbihan, &c. (Ripon, 1875); Rene Galles, Fouilles du Mont Saint Michel en Carnac (Vannes, 1864); A.