Sentence Examples

  • Therefore they baptize no one until he is thirty years of age.
  • In cases of imminent death a layman or a woman could baptize, and in the case of new-born children it is often necessary.
  • In conditional baptism the Latins, since about the year 1227, use the formula, " If thou art not baptized, then do I baptize thee," &c. The Latins further insist on a strict observance of the traditional matter and form.
  • They therefore elect elders, who expound the Scriptures, baptize and hear confessions.
  • The elders are the first or oldest teachers of congregations, for which there is no regular bishop. They have charge of the meetings of such congregations, and participate in excommunication proceedings, besides which they preach, exhort, baptize, and may, when needed, take the offices of the deacons.