Backgammon Definition

A board game for two persons, played with pieces whose moves are determined by throws of dice, with the object being to move all of one's pieces to an end point where they are removed from the board. The first player to have no pieces on the board wins.
American Heritage
A game played on a special board by two people: each has fifteen pieces, which are moved according to the throw of dice.
Webster's New World

A board game for two players in which each has 15 stones which move between 24 triangular points according to the roll of a pair of dice; the object is to move all of one's pieces around, and bear them off the board.


(backgammon) A victory in the game when the loser has not borne off a stone, and still has one or more stones in the winner's inner home row or on the bar.

To win at a backgammon game with the opponent having one or more pieces in the winner’s inner home row or on the bar.

Origin of Backgammon

  • Probably from back + Middle English, Old English gamen (“amusement”)

    From Wiktionary

  • back gammon

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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