Sentence Examples

  • Generally speaking, it diminished as the years went by, and from "necessary assenters" its members became "merely attesting witnesses."
  • The country to the south and east of Amman is distinguished by its fertility; and ruined towns are scattered thickly over it, attesting that it was once occupied by a population which, however fierce, was settled and industrious, a fact indicated also by the tribute of corn paid annually to Jotham (2 Chron.
  • 227); the epithet Amathusia in Roman poetry often means little more than "Cypriote," attesting however the fame of the city.
  • Andreas of Caesarea mentions Papias as attesting the credibility of Revelation, and cites two of his remarks on Rev. xii.
  • A contemporary record, after attesting his pre-eminence as a goldsmith, jeweller and painter, states that he was "most handsome in person and highly eloquent."