Sentence Examples

  • Locke had treated ideas as testifying, to the existence of matter.
  • Wasn't there some law that prevented a wife from testifying against her husband?
  • In the year 1147, we have the bard testifying to the supereminence of the Cid among his country's heroes: "Ipse Rodericus Mio Cid semper vocatus, De quo cantatur quod ab hostibus haud superatus, Qui domuit Mauros, comites domuit quoque nostros."
  • The Book of the Spiritual Exercises was not written at Manresa, although there is in that place an inscription testifying to the supposed fact.
  • 51) states that the Athenians borrowed this type from the Pelasgians, thus testifying to the great antiquity of the phallic Hermes.