Sentence Examples

  • To enter Russia without declaring war!
  • And Louis XVII., but she is no less frank in declaring that she is vilaine et tres vilaine, a daughter of the people, who shares by birth their instincts and sympathies.
  • The legislature of the latter state in 1873 adopted a report declaring that between 1822 and 1861, during which period the debt had been incurred, the western counties had paid an excess of taxes, more than equal to the amount which had been expended in the west for the purposes for which the debt had been incurred, and concluded with the statement: " West Virginia owes no debt, has no bonds for sale and asks no credit."
  • He supported the Knox resolution declaring that war with Germany was ended.
  • When he lifted his head and looked into her eyes, it was all she could do to keep from declaring her love for him.