Sentence Examples

  • The Frankish assemblies, previously held in the month of March (champs de mars), but under Pippin deferred to May (champs de mai), came to be more numerous, and served the king of the Franks as a means of receiving the gifts of his subjects and of promulgating his capitularies.
  • The general reform on which the council had failed to come to an understanding had to be adjourned, and the council contented itself with promulgating, on the 9th of October 1417, the only reforming decrees on which an agreement could be reached.
  • During the seven years between the formation of the league and its final triumph, he devoted himself wholly to the work of promulgating his economic doctrines.
  • In questions of copyright) they have refused protection to persons promulgating irreligious or blasphemous opinions.
  • In their report the following measures were recommended: (i.) annulment of the act against promulgating illegal measures; (ii.) abolition of pay, save for the troops in the field and the archons; (iii.) restriction of the franchise to 5000 able to serve "with person and purse"; (iv.) the appointment of a special board to choose the 5000.