Sentence Examples

  • They were, moreover, the most active agents in disseminating such teachings in Russia and among all the nations of Europe.
  • He also interested himself in a variety of schemes for the advancement of the social and religious welfare of the community, including the establishment of the Association for the Better Observance of Sunday, the foundation, with Hannah More, of schools at Cheddar, Somersetshire, a project for opening a school in every parish for the religious instruction of children, a plan for the education of the children of the lower classes, a bill for securing better salaries to curates, and a method for disseminating, by government help, Christianity in India.
  • Insects, indeed, are largely concerned in disseminating Fungi, either on their bodies or via the alimentary canal.
  • The Yue-Chi were probably the principal means of disseminating it in India, though all movements 'which kept open the communications between Bactria and Persia and India must have contributed, and the first introduction was' due to the short-lived Graeco-Bactrian conquest (180-130 B.C.).
  • 5 Some steps indeed were taken for disseminating Christian principles, and the pope had induced a band of missionaries, chiefly of the mendicant orders, to go forth to this new mission fields But only five bishoprics had been established by 1520, and the number of genuine converts was small.