Sentence Examples

  • When the budget has passed both chambers it is promulgated by the president under the title of Loi des finances.
  • Urban's bull was once more promulgated, at the council of Vienne in 1311, by 1 The pope's decision, so the story goes, was hastened by a miracle.
  • On the 11th a constitution drawn up by a commission of cardinals, without the knowledge of the ministry, was promulgated, a constitution which attempted the impossible task of reconciling the popes temporal power with free institutions.
  • Returned to power as minister of the treasury, promulgated some of his proposals by royal decree, and in spite of vehement opposition secured their ratification by the Chamber.
  • After a series of scenes and scuffles the bill was promulgated by royal decree, the decree being postdated to allow time for the third reading.