Sentence Examples

  • Our present-day knowledge prompts the adoption of a middle course between the two theories.
  • In his view, Nature has made provision for social wellbeing by the principle of the human constitution which prompts every man to better his condition: the individual aims only at his private gain, but is "led by an invisible hand" to promote the public good; human institutions, by interfering with this principle in the name of the public interest, defeat their own end; but, when all systems of preference or restraint are taken away, "the obvious and simple system of natural liberty establishes itself of its own accord."
  • It may be affection, or it may be fear, which prompts the survivor to feed and tend his dead; in general no doubt it is a mixture of both feelings.
  • ALASTOR, in Greek mythology, the spirit of revenge, which prompts the members of a family to commit fresh crimes to obtain satisfaction.
  • In man, as in every other animal, from the moment of birth natural impulse prompts to the maintenance of his physical frame; then, when reason has been developed and has recognized itself as its own sole good, these " primary ends of nature " and whatever promotes these still constitute the outward objects at which reason is to aim; there is a certain value (a La) in them, in proportion to which they are " preferred " (7rponyµtva) and their opposites " rejected " (ci roirpony,ubm); indeed it is only in the due and consistent exercise of such choice that wisdom can find its practical manifestation.