Sentence Examples

  • But Matthias, who began by deposing Garai and dismissing Szilagyi, and then proceeded to levy a tax, without the consent of the Diet, in order to hire mercenaries, easily prevailed.
  • The tsar Theodore in 1587 exercised the power of the Byzantine emperors by deposing the metropolitan, Dionysius Grammaticus (Mouravieff, p. 125).
  • Its members had the power of electing a new king, although the area of their choice was strictly limited by custom and also the right of deposing a king, although this seems to have been infrequently exercised.
  • The cardinal-primate was then sent for and commanded to summon a diet, for the purpose of deposing Augustus.
  • After taking the capital and deposing 'Abdul Hamid, Enver returned to Berlin.