Sentence Examples

  • 2) attest her character as such.
  • And we all know about those that optimize for cost and nutrition but the resulting food tastes awful; I have consumed enough wheatgrass to attest to this.
  • Of his New System he says he had so often been misled by taking for granted the results of others that he "determined to write as little as possible but what I can attest by my own experience," but this independence he carried so far that it sometimes resembled lack of receptivity.
  • The barrows which cover the plains of ancient Scythia attest the truth of this description.
  • In former ages the tree covered a large portion of the more northern part of the island, as well as of Ireland; the numerous trunks found everywhere in the mosses and peat-bogs of the northern counties of England attest its abundance there in prehistoric times; and in the remoter post-Glacial epoch its range was probably vastly more extended.