Sentence Examples

  • Some changes might take the skills of an experienced designer to change, but it's also possible to simply use the templates as-is, simply filling in the necessary data and pictures to sell properties.
  • They're a bit pricier than the sunglasses that are available as-is, but if you're a devout Wranglers fan or you need prescription sunwear anyway, these are still an option.
  • Do not be fooled if the person you purchased a lemon from tells you that the law does not protect you because you purchased the vehicle on an "as-is" basis.
  • On that note, most multivitamin pills come with a pre-balanced mix of vitamins that is safe to pop as-is for the vast majority of adults.
  • If you feel you can get a better rate on the first one, it makes little sense to leave it as-is and pile a second one on top of it.