Sentence Examples

  • The selection doesn't stop there, though; Chasing Fireflies children's clothing for boys also extends into the dressier range, offering argyle sweater vests and button front shirts that look startlingly similar to Dad's.
  • New York & Company's Argyle Cardigan has a scoop neck, so if you prefer to let your cardigan speak for itself with no interruption from a colored shirt or a statement-making necklace, try this one on.
  • Pink is one of the rarest colors of diamonds, and commercial quality stones are only found in the Argyle Mine in Australia, making them even more mysterious and sought after.
  • The argyle pattern is done in black and purple with pink accents, so wearing it with a complementary cardigan will give this standby style an effortlessly updated look.
  • Most fashion experts also frown on "novelty patterns" (argyle being the exception) and recommend you stick with basic shades of brown, blue, and black.