Sentence Examples

  • But if one ion, say the anion, travels faster through the liquid than the other, the end of the solution from which it comes will be more exhausted of salt than the end towards which it goes.
  • 25.7) both refer to a brass figure at Taenarum which was supposed to represent Anion seated on the dolphin's back.
  • Periander further appears as a patron of literature, for it was by his invitation that the poet Anion came to Corinth to organize the dithyramb.
  • The original volumes have each an engraving of Anion and the Dolphin, and the appropriate inscription in usum serenissimi Delphini.
  • On the theory that the phenomena are wholly due to unequal ionic velocities this result would mean that the cation like the anion moved against the conventional direction of the current.