Sentence Examples

  • Since some ions are more mobile than others, a separation will ensue when water is placed in contact with a solution, the faster moving ion penetrating quicker into the water under the driving force of the osmotic pressure gradient.
  • If an element be present in a compound otherwise than as an ion, it is not interchangeable, and cannot be recognized by the usual tests.
  • He was a pupil of Anaxagoras, and is said by Ion of Chios (ap. Diog.
  • But if one ion, say the anion, travels faster through the liquid than the other, the end of the solution from which it comes will be more exhausted of salt than the end towards which it goes.
  • The ions carry their charges with them, and, as a matter of fact, it is found that water in contact with a solution takes with respect to it a positive or negative potential, according as the positive or negative ion travels the faster.