Sentence Examples

  • He travelled under an alias; Luke Greely.
  • He used an alias and he fits your time table perfectly.
  • In late hieroglyphic the name of Thoth often has the epithet " the twice very great," sometimes " the thrice very great "; in the popular language (demotic) the corresponding epithet is " the five times very great," found as early as the 3rd century B.C. Greek translations give o p..iyas Kai ' Alias and p. yco-Tos: T pio-jeyas occurs in a late magical text.
  • Among the many historians of Magyar literature Francis Toldy alias Schedel holds the foremost place.
  • Here he remained some time in concealment in company with another priest, Oldcorne alias Hall, but at last on the 30th of January 1606, unable to bear the close confinement any longer, they surrendered and were taken up to London, being well treated during the journey by Salisbury's express orders.