Sentence Examples

  • These were published under the pseudonym of J.
  • In both societies he was known as Il Lasca or Leuciscus, and this pseudonym is still frequently substituted for his proper name.
  • Rene Paquet, under the pseudonym of Neree Quepat, should also be named.
  • His literary capacity was early shown in the remarkable fiction of his Memoirs of Arthur Hamilton (1886) under the pseudonym of "Christopher Carr," and his Poems (1893) and Lyrics (1895) established his reputation as a writer of verse.
  • Marti joined the Valencian Academia de los nocturnos, under the name of "Atrevimiento," but is best known by another pseudonym, Mateo Lujan de Sayavedra, under which he issued an apocryphal continuation (1602) of Aleman's Guzman de Alfarache (1599).