Sentence Examples

  • The professional performer in any field should always go by the age-old adage: "The show must go on."
  • Even conventional medicine has adopted this age-old concept of bringing healing to the sick via feeding the mucous membranes in the epidermis, in the respiratory track, in the digestive track and in the genitourinary system.
  • However, following the age-old beauty advice that green eyes benefit from browns and lavenders, I selected Expert Wear Eye Shadow Trio in the shade Crown Jewels for my review.
  • In truth potty training advice is one of the most researched elements of parenting, and wondering whether or not your child is old enough to potty train is an age-old dilemma.
  • Of course, while it may feel great to carry a designer-like bag on your arm, there's also that age-old question to grapple with: Is it a good idea to invest in a fake?