Sentence Examples

  • Host, she did not wish her people to suffer the afflictions of so many other kingdoms.
  • " The Messiah invokes all the sufferings, pain, and afflictions of Israel to come upon Him.
  • Mehemet Alis great strength lay in the devotion of the citizens of Cairo, who looked on him as a deliverer from their afflictions; and great numbers armed themselves, advising constantly with Mehemet Ali, having the sayyid Omar and the sheiks at their head, and guarding the town at night.
  • She lived to a great age, and would gladly have lived longer, in any of the afflictions that time brings on, to continue her mere money-worth to her "Dizzy."
  • There he was struck down by fever; and on the 15th of August 1464 death had released him from all his afflictions - a tragic close which has thrown a halo round his memory.