Sentence Examples

  • The longer points, sharper teeth, more numerous nerves and leathery texture, together with the fact that they hang longer, may enable any one to tell the leaf of the Japan Zelkowa from that of the better-known Z. crenata.
  • To unlock Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, hold the Z button, then press A, the UP direction twice, then B, the DOWN direction twice, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT direction, then B at the main menu.
  • In that case, always try to have at least one rise or dip available for those pieces and don't worry because once you place a 'Z' piece another rise or dip becomes available to use if you need.
  • Z. aquatica is remarkable for the fine effect of its Oat-like stems, 8 to 10 feet high, with broad vivid-green leaves and graceful bronzed plumes of nearly a yard long, the seeds of which are greedily sought by fish and water-fowl.
  • Natural diamond color varies and the highest quality white diamonds should appear colorless or clear.The GIA color grading scale rates diamond color from D (no color) thru Z (rich colors / fancy colored diamonds).