Sentence Examples

  • 8 1Kantur, Q s a i Za_hwa ?
  • Of Za,hringen in 1218, his coheiresses brought parts of the Breisgau to the counts of Urach and Kyburg, while part went to the margraves of Baden.
  • Amongst palms the Corypheae are represented by Sabal and Thrinax, and there is a solitary Za,nza amongst Cycads.
  • Kravchinski, Za sto lyet, 1800-1896.
  • ) j1+j2+j3+..� (J1+ j2 +j3+...-1)!/T1)?1(J2)72 (J 3)/3..., j11j2!j3!... ?.1 for the expression of Za n in terms of products of symmetric functions symbolized by separations of (n 1 1n 2 2n 3 3) Let (n) a, (n) x, (n) X denote the sums of the n th powers of quantities whose elementary symmetric functions are a l, a 2, a31���; x 1, x2, x31..; X1, X2, X3,...