Sentence Examples

  • The region properly called by their name, bounded on the south by the Douro and on the east by the Navia, was first entered by the Roman legions under Decius Junius Brutus in 137-136 B.C. (Livy lv., lvi., Epit.); but the final subjugation cannot be placed earlier than the time of Augustus (31 B.C. - A.D.
  • His most notable recorded achievement was the subjugation of Moab and the seizure of part of its territory.
  • Monk completed the subjugation of Scotland by 1654.
  • - Vespasian left the rivals to consume one another and occupied his army with the subjugation of the country.
  • The crusaders appealed to Innocent to ratify the subjugation of a schismatic people, and the union of the Eastern and Western Churches; and Innocent, dazzled by the magic of the fait accompli, not unwillingly acquiesced.