Sentence Examples

  • This town is revisited in 1962's Something Wicked This Way Comes, with a slight horror twist of an evil carnival, a novel that almost seems to prophesize the coming of Steven King, master of such small town settings and characters.
  • From his first film role in the Steven Spielberg movie Empire of the Sun, to his high profile role as the Dark Knight in the Batman films, Christian Bale has established himself as a serious actor in a number of impressive movies.
  • Although it's not exactly clear just how long Paul might have studied with Segovia, according to Paul himself, the master was the one who inadvertently provided him with his stage name "Esteban", the Spanish version of Steven.
  • Stars of True Blood - Anna Paquin, Steven Moyer, and Alexander Skarsgard all star in the HBO program True Blood, and in 2010 the trio appeared naked and splattered with blood for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.
  • The band went on a short hiatus after being dropped from Atlantic Records and later reformed with new members as a part of S-Curve records - a label formed by former Atlantic A&R Representative Steven Yegewel.