Bespeak Definition

bespeaking, bespeaks, bespoke, bespoken
bespeaking, bespeaks, bespoke
To be or give a sign of; indicate.
American Heritage
To speak for in advance; engage beforehand; reserve.
That room is bespoken.
Webster's New World
To foretell; portend.
American Heritage
To be indicative of; show.
A mansion that bespeaks wealth.
Webster's New World
To engage, hire, or order in advance.
American Heritage

A request for a specific performance; a benefit performance, by a patron.


Origin of Bespeak

  • From Middle English bespeken, bispeken, from Old English *bespecan, besprecan (“to speak about, speak against, accuse of, claim at law, complain”), from Proto-Germanic *bisprekaną (“to discuss, blame”), equivalent to be- +‎ speak. Cognate with Scots bespeke (“to beseech, speak or negotiate with”), West Frisian besprekke (“to discuss”), Dutch bespreken (“to discuss, review, debate”), German besprechen (“to discuss, review, talk about”).

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English bispeken to speak out from Old English besprecan to speak about

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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