Sentence Examples

  • Dreamy: A frothy shoe with a gathered petal embellishment along the T-strap, this open-toe heel features sinewy leather straps and a sleek, three-and-one-quarter heel.
  • One was tall and thin, the other dark, shaggy, and sinewy, with a flat nose.
  • She.d never noticed how long his nails were or the sinewy strength in his forearms.
  • (2) As regards plays, in Marlowe's Tamburlaine Timur is described as tall of stature, straightly fashioned, large of limb, having joints strongly knit, long and sinewy arms, a breadth of shoulders to "bear old Atlas's burden," pale of complexion, and with "amber hair wrapp'd in curls."
  • His sleeves were rolled up and his sinewy, hairy, red hands with their short fingers deftly turned the ramrod.