Sentence Examples

  • Since artificial hair costume wigs can't be styled without creating a stringy mess, a simple stroke through the wig with the palm of your hands will break up the sleek style while beginning to tangle and mat the wig.
  • On the other hand, if hair is fine in texture, too many layers can make the ends of your hair appear too thin and stringy.
  • Meconium ileus is a disorder that occurs in newborns in which the meconium, the neonate's first fecal excretion after birth, is abnormally thick and stringy, rather than the collection of mucus and bile that is normally passed.
  • Pom puppies shed their baby fur around 4 months and will have a thin, stringy coat as their adult coat grows in.
  • An example of this is in Star Trek; original series Klingons were essentially humans with long stringy hair.