Sentence Examples

  • Small insects settle on the leaves and are caught in the viscid excretion.
  • Glycerin is a viscid, colourless liquid of sp. gr.
  • The pale clay-coloured gills, offensive odour, and clammy or even viscid top are decisive characters.
  • Moreover, the pollen, instead of consisting of separate cells or grains, consists of cells aggregated into "pollen-masses," the number varying in different genera, but very generally two, four, or eight, and in many of the genera provided at the base with a strap-shaped stalk or "caudicle" ending in a flattish gland or "viscid disk" like a boy's sucker.
  • Threads of coloured molten glass were spirally coiled round the body, and, whilst still viscid, were dragged into zigzags with a metal hook.