Sentence Examples

  • Mission after mission follows the same boring presentation in which you have to regale the agents with your version.Not having played a lot of the Splinter Cell games, the missions took anywhere from 30-45 minutes to complete.
  • After you've located the dress of your dreams on this site, don't forget to shop for designer accessories, such as Betsey Johnson shoes and evening bags by Le Regale!
  • Among them the Vinland sagas, also a Norwegian work of the 13th century, called Speculum regale (The King's Mirror), and some papal letters, give interesting glimpses of the life of this colony.
  • He clung to his right of regale, or enjoyment of the revenues of bishoprics during their vacancy, though it was at times commuted for a fixed payment.
  • The question of the right of regale (right of the Crown to the revenues of vacant abbeys and bishoprics), which touched the essential rights of sovereignty, further inflamed the hostility between Innocent XI.