Sentence Examples

  • With the obstruction removed, water plunged down the creek bed, dragging debris with it.
  • If present in large numbers they may give rise to obstruction of the liver-ducts or to inflammation of other tissues.
  • Caesar had no resource left but uncompromising obstruction, which he sustained by enormous bribes.
  • When the struggle between the colonies and the mother country began, although he felt much sympathy for the former, his opposition to any form of obstruction to the Stamp Act and other measures, and his denunciation of a resort to force created a breach between him and his parish, and in a fiery farewell discourse preached after the opening of hostilities he declared that no power on earth should prevent him from praying and shouting "God save the King."
  • After the modification of the Pelloux cabinet (May 1899) he became leader of the ministerial majority, and bore the brunt of the struggle against Socialist obstruction in connexion with the Public Safety Bill.