Sentence Examples

  • My mind's like mush over it.
  • In the later Armenian tradition we find other notices of this celebrated man' - such as, that he was the nephew of Mesrob, that he was publicly complimented by the emperor Marcian, that he had been ordained bishop of Bagrewand by the patriarch Giut, and that he was buried in the church of the Apostolic Cloister at Mush in the district of Taron; but these accounts must be received with great caution.
  • He groped his way down the path, the wind whipping his raincoat behind him, until he felt the mush of soft sand beneath his aching feet.
  • The Armenian revolutionary societies continued their propaganda down to the granting of the Turkish constitution in 1908; and meanwhile further massacres occurred here and there, notably at Mush (1904) and Van (1908).
  • So will you, trying to mush through the state's bureaucratic swamp.