Sentence Examples

  • You can make him a mix tape, you can invite him to go with you somewhere (perhaps in a group) you can get him a funny card, or make him something to eat, just don't do anything overly mushy.
  • Hmm. Well, since I don't know who your boyfriend is or what he likes, I'm going to just give you some general guidelines: Don't give him anything mushy in front of his friends.
  • Whenever you spot mushy vegetables, consider the fact that much of the vitamin C has probably leaked out of the food.
  • For example, while teething biscuits are great for little ones, they get mushy quickly and are best saved for home.
  • While many people assume that guys don't want all that "mushy" stuff, the fact is that even the toughest cowboy has a soft spot in his grizzled heart.