Sentence Examples

  • If your only impression of hypnosis is based on one of those hokey TV shows where a group of audience members are put into the hypnotic state and convinced to perform embarrassing acts, perish the thought.
  • I started my return to knitting with a giant knitted afghan in Red Heart's Hokey Pokey yarn (variegated orange yarn, mind you). the design was simple but it took forever to finish.
  • You've probably seen enough major films to know that special effects can easily run the gamut from lame and hokey to lavish and over-the-top.
  • Dancing the Hokey Pokey with Billy and Mandy was so much fun.
  • While some find the old-fashioned décor to be a bit hokey, the restaurant certainly has its romantic charm and hearkens back to a bygone era of upscale dining.