Sentence Examples

  • A French counting audio file, like the Slow Travel France audio counting lesson can be downloaded so you can listen to the basic numbers while doing other tasks and help ingrain them for easier learning.
  • Our greatest hope is that we, and the media at large, can ingrain the idea that being an active member of your community is fun.
  • The prominence of the township as a manufacturing centre is due to Erastus Brigham Bigelow (1814-1879), one of the incorporators of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who devised power-looms for the weaving of a variety of figured fabrics, - coach-lace, counterpanes, ginghams, silkbrocatel, tapestry carpeting, ingrain and Brussels carpets, - and revolutionized their manufacture.
  • "engrain" or "ingrain," meaning to dye in any fast colour.