Sentence Examples

  • A facsimile reproduction of Bartholomew Vincent's Lyons edition (1620) of the Constructio was issued in 1895 by A.
  • Omont, facsimile edition of codex E (1892-1893); S.
  • See the facsimile in Ausgrabungen in Sendschirli (Berlin, 1893), and p. 17 for the above interpretation of it.
  • In length and 6 in height, which has been supposed to commemorate the great naval victory of Conon over the Lacedaemonians in 394 B.C. Among the minor antiquities obtained from the city itself, or the great necropolis to the east, perhaps the most interesting are the leaden KarrccB€o oc, or imprecationary tablets, found in the temple of Demeter, and copied in facsimile in the appendix to the second volume of Newton's work.
  • Ebeling (Leipzig, 1880-1885) and the facsimile of the cod.