Sentence Examples

  • The arrangement is, however, modified by taking the mode of connection as the basis of the primary classification, and by removing the subject of connection by reduplication to the section of aggregate combinations.
  • (b) The aorist formed by reduplication: as &Sae, taught; AEAas oOac, to seize.
  • Kop6Aos, signifying lizard and newt; with reduplication Kopcop?uXos, and by metathesis ultimately KpoKOSetXos.
  • In some instances, however, the feet of such polydactyle horses bear little resemblance to those of the extinct Hipparion or Anchitherium, but look rather as if due to that tendency to reduplication of parts which occurs so frequently as a monstrous condition, especially among domesticated animals, and which, whatever its origin, certainly cannot in many instances, as the cases of entire limbs superadded, or of six digits in man, be attributed to reversion.
  • Four-horned sheep are common in Iceland and the Hebrides; the small half-wild breed of Soa often showing this reduplication.