Sentence Examples

  • What does d-i-z-y-g-o-t-i-c twins mean?
  • So far as (7) is concerned the alternative supposition that AD vanishes would answer equally well, if we suppose the vibrations to be executed in the plane of polarization; but let us now revert to (5), which gives w 3 = _ PAN y z - = + PAN xy _ PAN z 2 - x2 8 N r 2 N r2' W 2 + N r2 (8) from 0 along which there is no scattered light, - two along the axis According to these equations there would be, in all, six directions of y normal to the original ray, and four (y z = =x) at angles of 45° with that ray.
  • Bibliography.-The following abbreviations are here used:- M.Z., Meteorologische Zeitschrift; P.Z., Physikalische Zeitschrift; S., Sitzungsberichte k.
  • Exner, M.Z., vol.
  • References in the text - (6) M.Z., vol.

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