Sentence Examples

  • Z. lavandulaefolia (Zietenia) - Dwarf, creeping, half-shrubby perennial of a greyish hue, 6 to 12 inches high, with purple flowers in summer, borne in whorls, forming a spike about 6 inches long, with a slender downy stalk.
  • The longer points, sharper teeth, more numerous nerves and leathery texture, together with the fact that they hang longer, may enable any one to tell the leaf of the Japan Zelkowa from that of the better-known Z. crenata.
  • Personal and fun, these rings can be a luxurious or inexpensive gift, depending upon the details of the piece - and initial rings can be completely personalized as they come in all 24 letters of the alphabet; A to Z.
  • Natural diamond color varies and the highest quality white diamonds should appear colorless or clear.The GIA color grading scale rates diamond color from D (no color) thru Z (rich colors / fancy colored diamonds).
  • While it's probably not advisable to pick a career based solely on where it falls in the alphabet, it can be helpful to see a full list of careers from A to Z when you're considering the available options.