Sentence Examples

  • As this was placed at the end of the ordinary (not the numeral) Greek alphabet, "alpha and omega" has become a proverbial phrase for first and last.
  • The Greeks themselves, however, did not call S2 omega (great o) nor did they call 0 omicron (little o), though these names are given even in modern Greek grammars.
  • Across the transepts, and consisted of the choir, the gable of which was pierced by two tiers of five lancet windows and the Omega rose window; the north transept, in which the Dunbars were buried, and the south transept, the doorway of which is interesting for its dog's-tooth ornamentation; and the nave of five aisles.
  • Thus in the true idea of things there is no irreducible residuum of matter: mind is the Alpha and Omega, at once the initial postulate and the final truth of reality.
  • In 2006, a pig was genetically engineered to produce healthy omega-3 fatty acids.