Sentence Examples

  • OMe CH2 OMe MeO" OMe CH ?o^,/, CH 2 MeO McO I ^ VN/ H2 NMe 02 CN/ MeO CH - CH - ' I.Papaverine II.Narcotine CH 2 CH2 OMe CH?
  • It was generally understood that H Lord Carnarvon, who had been made viceroy of ome Ireland, had been in communication with Parnell; that Lord Salisbury was aware of the interviews which had taken place; and it was whispered that Lord Carnarvon was in favor of granting some sort of administrative autonomy to Ireland.
  • (1) Words which have their, radical termination in n but which in the singular drop that n, resume It in the plural before I: homin-ein makes ome in the singular and omens in the plural; asin-u-rn makes ase and asens.
  • By means of a dam across the Ternay, an affluent of the D€ome, to the north-west of the town, a reservoir is provided, in which an additional supply of water, for both industrial and domestic purposes, is stored.