Sentence Examples

  • The Himyarites, in the south of Arabia, were styled by Syrian writers Cushaeans and Ethiopians.
  • Of all the French writers that I have read, I like Moliere and Racine best.
  • Writers on the ethnology of Italy have been hitherto content with the first, namely, the broad distinction.
  • We have seen that the name of Italy was originally applied only to the southernmost part of the peninsula, and was only gradually extended so as to comprise the central regions, such as Latium and Campania, which were designated by writers as late as Thucydides and Aristotle as in Opicia.
  • Thus we already find Polybius repeatedly applying it in this wider signification to the whole country, as far as the fOot of the Alps; and it is evident from many passages in the Latin writers that this was the familiar use of the term in the days of Cicero and Caesar.

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