Sentence Examples

  • According to Farnell, the meaning of the epithet is to be looked for in the original conception of Erinys, which was that of an earth-goddess akin to Ge, thus naturally associated with Demeter, rather than that of a wrathful avenging deity.
  • 12), and with the wrathful intervention of Yahweh referred to by Isaiah (xxviii.
  • Cyrus now claimed to be the legitimate successor of the ancient Babylonian kings and the avenger of Bel-Merodach, who was wrathful at the impiety of Nabonidus in removing the images of the local gods from their ancestral shrines to his capital Babylon.
  • Wrathful at the failure of his protest and at the continuance of the republican government, Prynne attacked his adversaries fiercely in print.
  • One of his strings of proverbs runs as follows: "The uncultivated man is not innocent; the ignorant man is not devout; the bashful man learns not; the wrathful man teaches not; he who is much absorbed in trade cannot become wise; where no men are, there strive thyself to be a man" (gib.

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