Sentence Examples

  • Was she always misinterpreting his intent, or was he merely quick-witted enough to think of a good excuse on the spur of the moment?
  • Quick witted Betsy laughed, and told the man who was a frequent visitor, that it looked like a childhood picture of Howie in a Halloween costume.
  • He didn't become the most powerful creature in either realm to let a quick-witted woman with a bright smile and big heart bring him to his knees.
  • The commonalty and the nobles) was as to the person who should be chosen to be the king, although it is true that either candidate, the half-witted son of Philip II., Philip Arrhidaeus, or the posthumous son of Alexander by Roxana, opened the prospect of a long regency exercised by one or more of the Macedonian lords.
  • Like most quick-witted young men, he greeted this at first with enthusiasm; but its subsequent developments cooled his ardour and he was converted to more conservative counsels by Burke's Essay on the French Revolution, a translation of which into German (1794) was his first literary venture.

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