Sentence Examples

  • His gaze returned to the empty mug of cider and his uncontrollable urge to sleep.
  • It is indeed true that to thousands the hope of acquiring spiritual merit must have been a great motive; it is also true, as the records of crusading sermons show, that there was a strong element of "revivalism" in the Crusades, and that thousands were hurried into taking the cross by a gust of that uncontrollable enthusiasm which is excited by revivalist meetings to-day.
  • French patriotic feeling, suspicious, angry and alarmed, needed only a slight provocation to cause it to blaze up into an uncontrollable fever for war.
  • "Sovereignty as applied to states imports the supreme, absolute, uncontrollable power by which any state is governed" (T.
  • " Nature, by an absolute and uncontrollable necessity, has determined us to judge as well as to breathe and feel."