Sentence Examples

  • Amphitherium, of the Stonesfield Slate, typifies the family Amphitheriidae, which includes the American Dryolestes, and in which some would class the European Purbeck genus Amblotherium, although Professor H.
  • By the conjunction of these many functions, she becomes ultimately a great Nature-Goddess, analogous to Cybele and Rhea (see Great Mother Of The Gods); in one aspect she typifies the function of water in producing life; in another, the universal mother-earth (Macrobius, Saturn, i.
  • Belonging to the family Lemuridae (see PRIMATES) it typifies the subfamily Indrisinae, which includes the avahi and the sifakas (q.v.).
  • It typifies not only the genus Chinchilla, but the family Chinchillidae, for the distinctive features of which see RODENTIA.
  • He is a firespirit, who is pressed into man's service, and typifies the advance from the stone age to a higher stage of civilization (working in metals).

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