Sentence Examples

  • Like the defeat of the Titans by Zeus, the contests with the Centaurs typified the struggle between civilization and barbarism.
  • Frogs proper are typified by the common British species, Rana temporaria, and its allies, such as the edible frog, R.
  • But in the effort to understand them as they were originally understood it is very obvious that this method of interpretation can be pressed too far It would be precarious to insist that the entrances into Palestine of Abraham and Jacob (or Israel) typified two distinct immigrations.
  • The establishment, in 1671 and 1676 respectively, of the French and English national observatories at once typified and stimulated progress.
  • The tamandua anteaters, as typified by Tamandua (or Uroleptes) tetradactyla, are much smaller than the great anteater, and differ essentially from it in their habits, being mainly arboreal.

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