Sentence Examples

  • Not only will you be exposed to different examples of business models, communication issues and troubleshooting, but you can develop relationships with your peers that can help you either with job searching or employee hiring.
  • Technical writers are professionals who gather information from existing documentation and subject matter experts in order to prepare content such as software installation guides, tutorials, and troubleshooting instructions.
  • Technical writers create the troubleshooting manuals used by technical support representatives who help end users identify and repair problems with their applications via telephone, email, and instant messenger chat.
  • Steve Ash (SA): I am responsible for providing the Do It Yourself repair videos as well as videos for general maintenance tips, electrical safety videos regarding appliance repair, and troubleshooting videos.
  • When troubleshooting a ceiling fan problem, always start with the easiest solution first, and make sure that the power to your fan is off before attempting any diagnostics that include electrical components.