Sentence Examples

  • For example, a March 2010 Facebook post apologized to subscribers who had not received the most recent issue yet and worked to troubleshoot individual issues subscribers had with receiving their print copy of the publication.
  • No matter your experience level, a good auto repair manual for the exact model you're working on really goes a long way toward enhancing your ability to effectively troubleshoot and repair problems with that vehicle.
  • Just because a car engine won't start doesn't mean that the necessary repairs will be difficult or very expensive; it just means that you need to know how to troubleshoot properly and locate the problem.
  • For instance, while it lists electrical problems that individuals should troubleshoot, it recommends that home buyers pay attention only to the basics, such as obvious wiring problem and sloping drains.
  • If you are a professional auto mechanic or just an amateur that likes to tinker with vehicles, understanding past problems will help you troubleshoot the symptoms that you're experiencing today.