Sentence Examples

  • 13), who declares that the Syriac document from which he translates them had been preserved in the archives at Edessa from the time of Abgar.
  • Percival translates and comments on an old text in the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers (2nd series), xiv.
  • The very globe continually transcends and translates itself, and becomes winged in its orbit.
  • 58) states that the treaty concluded between Tarquinius Superbus and the town of Gabii was deposited in the same temple of Sancus, whose name he translates by Z€US 7riaTtos.
  • In the Vulgate the word firmamentum, which means in classical Latin a strengthening or support (firmare, to make firm or strong) was used as the equivalent of crepEWµa (ammpE6 v, to make firm or solid) in the LXX., which translates the Heb.

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