Sentence Examples

  • Perhaps Erysichthon may be explained as the personification of the labourer, who by the systematic cultivation and tilling of the soil endeavours to force the crops, instead of allowing them to mature unmolested as in the good old times.
  • The first Awe work, written by James Donaldson, was printed in culture in 1697, under the title of Husbandry Anatomized; or, Scotland an Inquiry into the Present Manner of Tilling and in the 18th Manuring the Ground in Scotland.
  • But the tendency was towards "Independency," and the New Englanders were farmers tilling their own land, traders and seafaring men.
  • In the mass they were a body of patient laborers, tilling a rich soil, and hating all foreign lands and ways.
  • The draining and tilling of submerged or uncultivated land on a large scale, the promotion of agriculture in every way, in particular by the digging of channels, and the regulation of the system of taxation, were carried out on his initiative.

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